Medical Supply

Canwell 3.5mm Locking Compression Plate, Titanium Fracture Plate, Orthopedic Implant Plates

Canwell Medical Co., Ltd.
  • Certification:ISO, CE
  • Disinfection:Without Disinfection
  • Color:Customized
  • Application:Orthopedic Surgery
  • Material:Titanium
  • OEM:Available

Base Info

  • Model NO.:CanSLP
  • Trademark:Canwell Medical
  • Origin:China
  • HS Code:9021100000
  • Production Capacity:50000


1112100024QC0127-00T-handle with Quick Coupling Length 90mm12113100001QC0201-00Hexagonal Screwdriver, Length 248mm13113100002QC0202Drill Bit, φ3.2mm Length 147mm Thread Length 40mm24113100003QC0203Drill Bit, φ4.5mm Length 145mm Thread Length 48mm15113100005QC0205Tap for Cancellous Bone Screw φ6.5mm Length 195mm Thread Length 26mm16113100006QC0206Tap for Cortex Screw φ4.5mm Length 130mm Thread Length 70mm17113100007QC0207-00Depth Gauge for screws φ4.5/φ6.5mm Length 110mm18113100008QC0208Plate Bender Length 285mm29113100010QC0210Bending Template, large Length 212mm Width 12mm110113100011QC0211Bending Template, small Length 121mm Width 12mm111113100012QC0212-00Double Drill Guide φ3.2mm112113100014QC0214-00Universal Drill Guide, Ø4.5/3.2mm113113100015QC0215-00Universal Drill Guide, Ø6.5/3.2mm114113100020QC0220-00Countersink Length 180mm115114110015QC0317Screwdriver shaft with quick coupling, hexagonal Length 100mm SW3.5116114400007QC0407-00Holding Sleeve, φ8mm Length 120mm117113200002QS0202Ø4.3mmThreaded Drill Sleeve218113200003QS0203φ4.3mmDrill Bit Length 220mm Thread Length 84mm219113200004QS0204Easyout Length 80mm120113200005QS0205Direct Measuring Device121113200009QS0209-00Screw Driver Length 248mm122113200010QS0210Stardrive screwdriver shaft Length 145mm123113200011QS0214-00Holding SleeveØ6.3124113200038QS0218-00Torque Limiter 4.5N125113210001QS1301Ø2.5 K-Wire326113210002QS1302Ø5.8 Cannulated drill bit227113210004QS1304Ø5.8mm Cannulated drill sleeve228113210005QS1305Guide for K-Wire Ø2.5mm229113200036QS2201Drill Sleeve, Ø4.3Threaded (long)130113106000QS2227-00Screws Tray131113127000QS2232-00Instrument Tray1 112109900 Total amount1Canwell 3.5mm Locking Compression Plate, Titanium Fracture Plate, Orthopedic Implant Plates
Canwell 3.5mm Locking Compression Plate, Titanium Fracture Plate, Orthopedic Implant Plates

Q: Trading company or manufacturer?
A: We are manufacturer since 1994. Our location is in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, East China. 
     2 hours by high-speed train from Shanghai.
Q: How's quality? Any Certificate? Regions of sales?
A: Our products are approved by CE/ISO13485.
     At present our main overseas markets are Asia, South America and Europe.
Q: Regional Distribution?
A: Yes we are looking for and welcome distribution. 
     Please contact us for discussion if you are interested to become our distributor.
Q: How long is delivery time?
A: Generally 7-15 days if stock available and 30-45 days if regular production needed.
    Depending on order quantity, product type, and other order factors and requirements.
Q: Samples available? Free or extra ?
A: We can accept sample order. With extra price.
Q: Terms of payment ?
A: T/T.
Q: Any OEM service?
A:  We can offer OEM service. Products can be made-to-order and with special requirements.