Nanjing Jusha Display Technology Co., Ltd.

Jusha Medical was founded in March, 1996. It consists of Nanjing Jusha Commercial & Trading Co., Ltd. Nanjing Jusha Display Technology Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Jusha Medical Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou InCon Technology Co., Ltd. And Suzhou Xielang Precision Apparatus Co., Ltd. Jusha Medical works on advanced medical equipment, medical digital visual solution, infection-control cleanser and the research, production and sale of sterilization indicator products.

The headquarter of Jusha Medical locates in Nanjing, with 10 offices across the country. Jusha owns over 5000 terminal hospital clients worldwide, within which over 1000 are large-scale and comprehensive hospitals. Jusha has long-term cooperation with over 500 distributors and partners across China. In 2008, Jusha medical display was chosen as the sole supplier of high-resolution medical diagnostic displays for Olympic Games medical center. In 2010, Jusha was chosen as the sole medical supplier for Asian Games medical center. According to the statistics report from a professional third party, Jusha occupied up to 52% domestic market share, which is almost the highest market share for domestic science and technology enterprise. Jusha has been an incontrovertible leader in global medical display area. Jusha also developed the first medical Naked-eye 3D medical display technology in the world, which has been applied in several well-known medical institutes.

Jusha also released integrated operation room solution, digital X-ray radiology equipment and new products in many other advanced medical equipment area.

The R&D team accounts for 20% of the total employees in Jusha Medical, including a batch of young and middle-aged scientists, doctors and masters, which is a high-tech team with the greatest number of research staff and the best research capacity. Jusha medical display, which fills the domestic technology blank, is self-developed, produced and manufactured. Its birth saves tens of millions dollars foreign exchange for China, accelerating domestic medical informatization process, pushing China medical informatization develops at a high speed. Jusha Medical will invest more in image gathering, storage, endoscopic image optimization, medical Naked-eye 3D and industrial, aeronautic display area.

Jusha has its unique position in medical infection control area and multiple patented technologies both in and out of China. The class 5 sterilization indicator manufactured by Jusha has reached an advanced level in the world.

Jusha medical will enhance the investment in picture archiving, storage, endoscopic image optimization, medical naked-eye 3D, hospital infection control, radiology equipment and other medical area next 3 years.

A strict internal quality control system is performed by Jusha to provide customers with extraordinary products and service. Jusha management system accord with ISO9001, ISO13485 and ISO14001. The products are approved by CCC, CE, FDA and etc.

Jusha Medical also develops the market with Simens Germany, BD America, Medard, Kodak, Codonics, French Horiba ABX and other leaders in medical area. The products are used for medical imaging, medical examination, medical consumables, infection control and other areas. The service network spreads over the country.

In the future, Jusha Medical will continue to work in professional display area, taking the responsibility of developing more convenient and practical high-tech medical products and relieving the pain of patients at the extreme in order to become a well-known high-tech enterprise worldwide striving for human health career.
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